The metals manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, requiring lubricants that remove heat, reduce friction, extend tool life and improve surface finish. Metalworking additives are essential for emulsion stability, corrosion control, minimizing friction and wear, and prolonging coolant life. Metalworking formulators must adapt to demands for improved operational efficiency, operator health and safety, and changing material metallurgy. Z&S offers a broad spectrum of halogen and sulfur free additives to support your formulation requirements.

Polyglycol Esters

Polyethylene glycol (PEG), polypropylene (PPG), and mixed EO/PO glycol diesters provide excellent water and oil emulsifying properties in hard and soft water with low foaming tendency.   They provide lubricity and are non-staining to aluminum.  A wide range of HLB values are available to meet the formulation requirements of metalworking fluids and water based hydraulic fluids.

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Sorbitan Esters

These environmentally friendly, non-toxic emulsifiers are synthesized from the polyfunctional sorbitol alcohol derived from sugar and natural fatty acids.  These bio-derived nonionic emulsifiers and wetting agents offer excellent emulsion stability and lubricity.

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Alkanol Amines

These environmentally Alkanol amines are anionic surfactants and corrosion inhibitors that also provide good lubricity.  They can be used to build reserve alkalinity for sustained corrosion protection.

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Polyglycol Ethers

Polyglycol ethers function as nonionic emulsifiers, coupling agents and cleaners.  They perform well in hard and soft water with low foaming tendency.   They are often used as co-emulsifiers in metalworking and personal care applications.

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Sulfated Trigylcerides

Sulfated castor oil is a water soluble lubricity additive well suited for water based metalworking formulations.  It also is widely used in personal care and cosmetic applications as an emollient and moisturizer.

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Phosphate Esters

Phosphate esters are emulsifiers that provide corrosion inhibition and EP/AW boundary lubrication performance, with no metal staining in heavy duty water-based metalworking formulations.   We offer a variety of options including:

  • Linear alkyl monophosphoric acid esters
  • Ethoxylated monophosphoric acid esters with alkyl phenol, linear or branched alkyl end caps
  • Phosphoric acid or polyphosphoric acid neutralized with TEA
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Phosphonates combine superb antiwear performance with scale-inhibition and chelating properties to enhance fluid and tool life.  Good hydrolytic and thermal stability enable phosphonates to perform under harsh temperature conditions, binding metal ions to reduce their catalytic effect on lubricant decomposition.  Phosphonates find use in cooling water treatment, textile finishing and oil field drilling applications

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Amides act as effective pH buffers that inhibit corrosion when used as emulsifying agents in semisynthetic and conventional metalworking fluids. Amides have excellent stability in a wide range of pH conditions making them useful in oil field drilling applications, as well as metal treatment, cleaning and degreasing products.

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