EcoLabel Products

  • A wide variety of synthetic esters are available with high bioderived content and EcoLabel/LuSC certification!
  • Select options that are fully saturated with high stability, or partially saturated for high VI, lubricity and excellent low temperature performance.
  • Synthetic esters can offer both high performance and ready biodegradability, making them excellent choices for long life EALs.
  • Environmentally friendly synthetic esters are available in low, medium and high viscosity for use as additives or base stocks.
  • Several readily biodegradable synthetic esters are certified as EcoLabel, USDA BioPreferred and NSF HX-1 for multipurpose use.

Please download our TDS sheets to learn more about our products

  • ZSUS TDS EcoLabel BioPreferred_Lubricants Download

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